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What is a Surety Bond?

In Texas, a surety bond serves as a contractual agreement wherein a third party, termed the surety, commits to fulfilling the obligations or duties of one party, the principal, to another party, the obligee, should the principal fail to do so. The commercial surety market in Texas encompasses a wide array of bond types, including court judicial, court fiduciary, public official, license and permit, contract, and various miscellaneous bonds that guarantee financial performance.

Furthermore, our agency also provides fidelity bonds, which offer coverage for losses resulting from employee dishonesty, as well as errors & omissions liability insurance.

Contract bonds in Texas ensure the fulfillment of obligations outlined in a written agreement between two parties. Common types include bid, performance, and payment bonds. Our contract surety operation caters to contractors of all sizes and types, offering bid, performance, and payment bonds.

Additionally, our agency offers a diverse range of bonds in Texas, such as Dishonesty Bonds, Federal Brewer, Federal Distilled Spirits & Wine, Janitorial Services, License & Permit, Lost Instrument, Notary Public Errors & Omissions, Public Official Bond, Tax Preparers’ Errors & Omissions, Plumbing Contractor/Drainlayer Bonds, Street & Sidewalk Bonds, Constable, Sign Installation Bond, Dumpster Bond, Wetland Conservation Bond, TX Cigarette Excise Tax, TX Debt Collector, TX Employment Agency Bond, TX Health Club Bond, TX Master Diggers Permit, Mortgage Loan Originator, Vehicle Glass Repair Shop, TX Probate Bond, TX Real Estate Broker Bond, Treasurer Term Bond, and TX Used Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond.

For residents and businesses in Texas, bond insurance can prove to be essential for various bond transactions.

Your Home for Contractors Bid, Performance and Payment Bonds

If you have a project that requires a contract bond that you are bidding on, we can provide a bid bond.  Once you are awarded the job, we can write the performance and payment bond.  Our agency can also supply you with a “Letter of Bondability”, so you know how much of a bond that you or your company is eligible for. So don’t wait until you want to bid on a job, let us get your company pre-approved.

How Can Bond Insurance Be Helpful?

Bond insurance provides protection to investors who purchase these bonds by guaranteeing that the issuer will make timely payments of principal and interest on the bonds. This means that in the event of a default or other financial difficulty, the bond insurer will step in to make the payments on behalf of the issuer.

For residents and businesses in Houston, TX, bond insurance can be important because it can provide added security and help to lower the cost of borrowing for public projects. By providing a guarantee of timely payments, bond insurance can make municipal bonds more attractive to investors, which can in turn lower the interest rates and borrowing costs for the issuer.

Let Worthen Insurance Group be your bond home. Use our convenient online tool to search by State and Bond Name. With over 500 bonds in Texas alone, you can issue online or start the pre-qualification process at your convenience.