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Special Event Insurance

What is a Special Event Liability Insurance?

If you are hosting any type of event, you probably need special event insurance coverage. So, what is event insurance? Event insurance is any kind of insurance that gives you liability coverage for an event. General liability insurance is a basic coverage that protects the event organizer and all other insureds from any accidents that occur in the venue and for any vendors that are a part of the event.

Special event liability insurance helps protect you if someone causes property damage to the venue or someone is injured at your event:

• Many venues now require event liability insurance, and our coverage fulfills this requirement
• Venues can be named as “additional insured” on the certificate of insurance for free!
• Up to $2 million in coverage available


Events rarely go exactly as planned! It’s important to have insurance so that you are covered in the event of the unexpected. Event insurance coverage can protect you for attendees getting food poisoning from the caterer, any accidental damage to the venue, any weather events that force you to reschedule or cancel the event, or any people who are a big part of the event, such as a speaker or presenter, getting sick and forcing you to postpone.

If you purchase your event insurance with Special Insurance, we can include General Liability, Products & Completed Operations, Personal Advertising, Damage to Rented Premise, Medical Coverage, Host Liquor, and Terrorism coverage.

Special Event Insurance. Coverage for Fairs, Festivals, Sporting Events, Concerts, Fundraisers, and More!

What Types of Insurance Do You Need For an Event?

Special Event Insurance

Event liability coverage

Event liability insurance coverage can cover you and your business if you are liable for any property damage or sickness/injury of anyone who participated in your event, such as staff, volunteers, and attendees. In general, event venues require you to have some form of liability coverage for an event you are hosting.


Third-party damage insurance

Third-party damage insurance covers property damages to the venue and equipment for the duration of the event. This includes stains and spills, broken tables, and more.

Liquor liability insurance

If you plan to serve alcohol at the event, you are most likely legally required to purchase liquor liability insurance. It covers damages and any injuries or illnesses that are related to the consumption and serving of alcohol, including when a bartender unknowingly serves a minor.

Terrorism insurance

Terrorism insurance might be crucial for certain types of events or locations. This offers coverage for you and your event if an act of terrorism affects your event.


How much will event insurance cost?

Depending on the coverages desired and the number of attendees, a one-day policy can cost anywhere from $150-$350.