Formerly Angela Johnson Insurance Agency. SAME Owner, SAME Team, SAME Location…New Name 

Your Windstorm Policy + Worthen Insurance Group = A Winning Combination!

By Caroline Johnson

We’ve been insurance agents, writing and servicing windstorm policies since 2005, and one thing we’ve learned in working with thousands of clients during that time is not all insurance agencies are created equal. 

Unfortunately, you don’t usually find that out until you have a claim and it’s too late.

Our agency is different! At Worthen Insurance, we’re passionate about insurance, and fanatical about providing excellent customer service day to day, at renewal and during disasters.

Clients who trust us with their insurance tell us they are most impressed by the level of Product Knowledge and Customer Service our 17 years in the business has refined. 

Here are 3 unique ways we put you first:

  • We do the shopping, so you don’t have to; 98% of our clients choose to stay with us year-over-year.
  • When you have a claim, we go into overdrive for you; Our proven claims process puts you at the head of the line for everything from natural disasters to auto accidents.
  • We help you protect your family’s assets; We take time to understand your world and offer you a customized insurance plan.

We never forget we wouldn’t be here without you. We sincerely appreciate you and look forward to being your insurance broker now and in the future!

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